Mallorca’s goats and why they are slowly even becoming a problem
The Balearic Ministry of the Environment estimates that there are about 20,000 wild goats, and the Chamber of Foresters estimates that there are between 30,000 and 35,000 wild goats in Mallorca. Wild goats have been a problem on Mallorca for years. They nibble at everything, destroy olive trees and dry stone walls. The damage caused by the wild animals is compared to a “quiet forest fire”.

What is surprising is how much agreement there is that the number of wild goats is a problem. Neither animal rights activists nor the Balearic government deny it. There is also agreement that too little has been done in recent years. However, what the solution should look like is certainly the subject of discussion. The shooting of the animals has already caused protests among animal rights activists in 2016 and even has consequences for politics. Demands for the resignation of Environment Minister Vicenç Vidal were loud at the time. But often the Finca owners have no choice but to kill the animals. The permit gives them the right to control the goat population for a period of four or five months. In principle, the “boc balear” and other goat species, the
were later introduced for agricultural use.
In September there was an incident on a small finca near Son Gual, where almost 40 animals devastated a 2500 sqm finca. The owners could only encircle the animals with the help of the police. Also in Port d’Andratx and Camp de Mar there were always incidents. They not only eat the grass from the gardens and the young trees from the woods, but also pose a danger to drivers.


The dwarf goats on our VMG Horse Ranch
Also on our ranch small goats see the light of the world every now and then. Our dwarf goats feel very comfortable and don’t have to fear a hunter. Because goats have a long tradition on Mallorca and simply belong to the picture.